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Meet the Team

Sal (Selim)

Founder & Director

Sal is the Founder and Director of Master Immigration Services, a native of Toronto. With a rich background that spans across the globe, Sal has served as an interpreter for international press, various non-governmental organizations, Provincial and Federal courts, the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). He has collaborated with all major stakeholders in the immigration field.

With over two decades of experience assisting newcomers and a deep-seated commitment to facilitating their transition, Sal has become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) R413679. His unwavering dedication has earned him multiple awards, including being recognized as the Best Immigration Consultant in Vancouver on numerous occasions. Furthermore, Sal is celebrated as one of the distinguished mentors for candidates pursuing the RCIC designation within the Canadian Immigration Consultants of Canada (CICC).

Headshot of Sal (Selim) founder & director at Master Immigration Services

Beyond his professional pursuits, Sal's interests extend to the realms of gastronomy and exploration. An enthusiastic foodie and traveler, he can often be found outside the office, either critiquing recently opened establishments or embarking on journeys to discover new destinations. In Sal's world, where there's a problem, there's always a solution at hand!

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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Mika is a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R710017) and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (R23092).

Her very first journey to Canada was as a student and immediately fell in love with the beautiful, friendly, and multicultural country. Years later, she returned as a temporary foreign worker with a newfound goal: making Canada her permanent home.


As an immigrant herself, Mika fully understands the stress and challenges it entails. This personal experience motivated her to assist others on their immigration journeys, leading her to pursue a career as an immigration consultant.


Mika is a dedicated and solution-oriented professional, driven by a profound passion for helping individuals and families navigate the immigration process. Mika is committed to assisting others in realizing their Canadian immigration goals.


Mika has extensive experience with a variety of LMIA, LMIA Exempt, Spousal sponsorship and PNP applications.

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Office Coordinator/Analyst

Haluk is our Office Coordinator/Analyst. Started working at Master Immigration Services as a volunteer then transitioned to a full-time role after his studies in Canada. Background in IT & Systems Engineering and logistics, topped up with 4 years of experience in immigration field, Haluk is working mainly on online transition and big data. 

Besides his Analyst role, Haluk did underwriting and paralegal assistance on almost all types of applications. From LMIA(s) or Family Sponsorships and Provincial Nominations to CUSMA and CUKTCA LMIA exempt work permits. Recently, Haluk is admitted to Queen’s University – Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law program to become an RCIC himself, from January 2024 onwards.

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Immigration Case Worker

Oben, initially came to Canada as an international student, holds a BA degree from the University of British Columbia and a MA degree in International Relations from the University of Nottingham. Over the course of 2 years, he has actively immersed himself in the immigration field. Oben's passion lies in guiding individuals through the application processes for Study Permits, Post-Graduate Work Permits, LMIA’s and Permanent Residence application. 

His deep empathy for the challenges faced by international students and graduates drives his commitment to ensuring that every student has an opportunity to build their life in Canada. 

Oben is dedicated to sharing his personal journey and experiences with those on a similar path. 

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Finance & Investment Consultant

Tuba is the Finance & Investment Consultant of Master Immigration Services. Her vast experience in the field (15+ years) with international stock markets, venture investments and banking institutions allows her to share insights on cases like Start-up Visas and Pilot programs. Tuba’s professional network consists of Business Development Executives, CFO’s, and CPAs – her network and access often makes her the bridging factor for introducing entrepreneurs to angel investors or incubators. 

Besides her business and finance acumen, Tuba is working on the new marketing strategy of Master Immigration Services; our online presence, B2B marketing opportunities and potential international collaborations. Tuba is avid reader, book collector and admirer of refined art in all forms.

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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Wendy is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R706354) with over 8 years of experience – a Master Immigration Services alumni, currently representing MIS Team in Vietnam and neighboring countries. 

Specialized in LMIA’s and foreign recruitment, Wendy is a Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiter in British Columbia. She is one of our designated recruiters in Food and Beverage sector and other related fields in the service industry. 

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