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Start-Up Pathway

Establish Your Business in Canada

Canada's Start-up Visa program is designed to attract innovative entrepreneurs and their promising businesses to the country. This program allows eligible entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Here's a brief overview:

Eligibility: To qualify for the Start-up Visa program, you need to:

  • Have a qualifying business.

  • Obtain a support letter from a designated organization.

  • Satisfy the language proficiency standards.

  • Have sufficient funds to establish yourself in Canada and sustain your living expenses until your business generates income.

Business Idea: Your business idea must be innovative, have the potential for growth, and the ability to create jobs in Canada. We can help you with that!

Language Proficiency: You must demonstrate proficiency in English or French, as this is essential for integrating into the Canadian business environment. CLB level 5.

Settlement Funds: You need to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family members while establishing your business in Canada.

Application Process: The application process involves several steps, including obtaining a letter of support from a designated organization, submitting your application for permanent residency, undergoing medical and security checks, and attending an interview.

Path to Permanent Residency: If your application is successful, you and your immediate family members can become permanent residents of Canada. You will have our business provides comprehensive guidance throughout the process including establishing connections with venture builders.

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