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Master Immigration Services: Award Winning Immigration Consultant in Vancouver

Master Immigration Services, a leading immigration consultancy based in Vancouver, Canada, is renowned for its exceptional expertise in the field of Canadian immigration. Guided by the experienced Selim (Sal) Koyuncu, a Government Authorized and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, our firm has a rich heritage that spans nearly two decades. Sal's role as a Mentor at ICCRC (The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants) underscores our deep understanding and acknowledged proficiency in this domain, making us a top choice for those seeking guidance in navigating the complexities of Canadian immigration and citizenship.

Sal Koyuncu, founder at Master Immigration Services

The Importance of Expert Guidance in Immigration


Canadian immigration laws and procedures are intricate and constantly evolving. This makes it challenging for individuals to navigate the system effectively. That's why we believe professional guidance is essential for a smooth immigration experience. Our team of experts not only understand the legal intricacies but also provide tailored solutions to meet the individual immigration needs of our clients.


Choosing a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Vancouver


Opting for a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is fundamental for ethical and reliable immigration assistance. With our wealth of knowledge and qualifications, we ensure compliance with immigration regulations, providing our clients with peace of mind throughout their immigration journey.


Master Immigration Services: Excellence and Recognition


Under the leadership of Selim (Sal), Master Immigration Services has been offering top-notch immigration services for nearly two decades. Our impeccable reputation is reflected in our 100% 5-star rating on Google and the prestigious title of 'Best Immigration Consultant' awarded by Georgia Straight Magazine for three consecutive years.


Tailored Canadian Immigration Services


At Master Immigration Services, we offer personalized services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients:


  1. Express Entry: A streamlined pathway for skilled workers to obtain Canadian permanent residence.

  2. Family Sponsorship: Assistance in reuniting families by sponsoring relatives for immigration to Canada.

  3. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): Support for employers in hiring foreign workers to fill labor shortages.  

  4. Start-Up Pathway: Guidance for entrepreneurs looking to establish innovative businesses in Canada.  

  5. Canadian Citizenship: Assistance with the process of obtaining Canadian citizenship for eligible individuals.  

  6. Work Permit: Support for individuals seeking authorization to work temporarily in Canada.  

  7. Study Permit: Assistance for international students in obtaining permits to study at Canadian educational institutions.  

  8. Visitor Visa: Support for individuals seeking to visit Canada for tourism, business, or other purposes.


Our comprehensive expertise ensures that clients receive the guidance they need to navigate the complexities of Canadian immigration effectively.


Canada: A Land of Diverse Immigration Opportunities


Canada's welcoming nature and diversity make it an ideal immigration destination. Our expertise extends beyond Vancouver, helping clients leverage opportunities across the country.


Selecting the right immigration consultant is crucial for a successful immigration journey. At Master Immigration Services, we pride ourselves on our credibility and accolades, ensuring that our clients receive the guidance they deserve.


For expert immigration guidance in Vancouver and across Canada, turn to Master Immigration Services. Explore our wide range of Canadian Immigration & Citizenship services on our website.

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